Friday, October 30, 2009

Are you a fruitful christian?

I went for a christian seminar in Lutheran Melaka tonight, which was organised by the church council with the title of 'The growing eternal life'. The inspiration and reflective seminar has brought me to look into my eternal life once again. The speaker has stressed to re look at our spiritual life again. He lead us to think of the following 2 question:
  • are we still giving lots of reason to delay to turn to God?
  • are we saving our sin to make God anger even become strong towards us? (Roman 2: 4-5)

I born in a christian family. My father was the most religious person that I had even seen. After 35 years being a christian. I am thinking am i a fruitful christian? What is a fruitful christian means? How to become a fruitful christian?

I realise we have take the mercy and grace from the Lord for granted most of the time. We think is His duty to care for us. Is His responsibility to love us if we surreder to him. Because I have baptise, because for one I have been genuinely pray to him and ask Him for forgiveness. But it was not. I need to give my life onto Him completely. I need to turn to Him entirely and seperate from my sin totally.

So, dear Father Lord give me strength to acomplish all these until I have return to your side.